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  Hilary James & Simon Mayor

"Splendid musical fun."
The Daily Telegraph

Hello and welcome to this leading UK music site for children, teachers and parents.

As well as new songs to sing (visit our online songbook), you'll find pages packed with musical instruments, information and fun things to do.

Simon and Hilary have worked as presenters, songwriters and musical directors for BBC TV and Schools Radio programmes (Play School, Playdays, Green Claws and The Song Tree.)

Simon is one of the world's leading mandolin virtuosos and composers for the instrument, as well as a fine fiddle player and guitarist.

Hilary has "one of Britain's finest voices" (BBC Radio 4) as well as an unusual taste in bass instruments. See her amazing giant mandobass.

As well as touring the world playing concerts and festivals they have over 20 years experience of visits to schools, performing to pupils of all ages.

For news of other recordings by Simon Mayor and Hilary James of folk, classical, swing and blues... and lots of mandolin music... visit and

One of Simon & Hilary's best-loved songs from the album Gobble! Gobble! Gobble! can now be heard in both English and French!
Please click here.



If you'd like to colour Hilary's drawing of the parrot please click here. More pictures to follow.

Based on songs written by Hilary James & Simon Mayor. 'I'm A Parrot' and 'Gobble! Gobble! Gobble!' are also illustrated by Hilary and contain music with ukulele chords and a singalong CD.



“brilliantly composed and presented... gloriously silly... a joy...”
Teach Nursery Magazine

"These books are great value and make excellent use of the benefits of singing for extending vocabulary and the enjoyment of reading."
Parents In Touch

"Giggles galore! ...contains everything that will intrigue little ones... most definitely a winner. 4/5."
Sweet Craftiness



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